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"Genesis - A New Era" The techno cultural society dates back its inception in 2014 with a penchant for knowledge and inquisitiveness to learn. Founded by Alumni class of 2016 for the students by the students, the society aims to be a non-profit corporation.

Li'l more about us.

  • I fully believe that success only comes with pure knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge is important whether from a perspective of a person, society or a nation. It's's important to remember four key words while doing any task, "I CAN DO IT". We need to do it with interest as well as joy. My best wishes with "Genesis Team" and their adventurous journey of knowledge.

    Dr, Rekha Kashyap
  • Developed under aegis of Dr. Pooja Tripathi, HOD IT and Prof. Sweeta Bansal , Genesis was founded in 2014 by scholars, Anmol Tomar, Anurag Shukla, Purvi Jaiswal and Smriti Rawat.

    Eureka! - Our Humble Beginnings
  • GENESIS aims to redefine technical societies and forums. We aim to revolutionize evolution by assisting the metamorphosis of engineering professionals. We hope to make this usually complex transformation into a smooth one by keeping the students updated on the various going on in the world of technology. Apart from this, as a society we would conduct workshops, seminars, technical and literary events and career counselling sessions to further the interests of the students and to guide them.

    Vision - Drive For it.
  • Genesis was officially declared as a society of IPEC (CSE) in 2014.Genesis launched a recruitment process that saw an overwhelming response of 150+ applications. And of which 20 candidates were selected and awarded the proud title of being a Gene'ite.Under initiative of Genesis, intending WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, Microsoft visited the campus for motivating our girls to participate in the field of technology, emphasizing its scope and sea of opportunities.

    October 23rd 2014 - An Agency is Born -
  • Dr. S. K. Tewatia , the then Director of IPEC and Prof. Ram Gopal , then HOD CSE addressed the ceremony. The winner of the event Immortal Logo was declared by them as Tapan Sharma ,whose creativity added flavour to our society. He was immediately rewarded with certificate and a membership token to Genesis. Guests of honour Mr. Azeem Khan (CEO Edit Soft) and Mr. Ankit Sharma (CEO UPTU Khabar) guided students on many aspects of technology like Ruby On Rails, blogging etc.

    February 11th 2015 - Inaugural -
  • And together we as a team, passionately put forth our complete devotion to Genesis with best of our skills. Be it technical, creative, literary, managerial or administrative skills. We as a team bonded as an alloy, work for our fellow mates in IPEC. As the slogan re-iterates, is a new epoch that reckons a series of events and activities that promises to influence growth of our fellow IPECians Genesis:A New Era

    Our Family
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